Control & Power distribution

Worldwide Expertise in Electrical Engineering

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, our team of experts specializes in customizing electrical solutions to fit your specific needs.

From high-voltage power distribution to intricate low-voltage control systems, our services encompass a broad spectrum of electrical engineering. We are equipped to handle the complexities of various environments, ensuring your project’s electrical systems are designed and implemented with precision and care.

Commitment to Safety and Excellence

Adhering to International Standards: Safety and quality are at the heart of everything we do. BAX ON & OFFSHORE is committed to adhering to international safety standards and regulations in electrical services. Our skilled professionals are trained to work in diverse and challenging environments, ensuring that all electrical installations and maintenance are carried out with the utmost attention to safety and quality.

BAX ON & OFFSHORE’s Global Electrical Services are your gateway to world-class electrical engineering expertise. Whether your project is on land or at sea, our team is ready to deliver exceptional electrical solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements and challenges. Trust us to bring global standards of excellence to your local project, ensuring success every step of the way.