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Global electrical services in high and low voltage for the Oil - Gas & Maritime industry

The maritime industry relies on high and low voltage electrical systems for ship operation and safety. High voltage powers propulsion and machinery, while low voltage supports navigation, communication, and lighting. Efficient, reliable electrical services are vital for maritime sustainability and innovation.

About BAX

Reliable engineering takes many forms.

At Bax, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations. Our daily mission is to fully support and provide peace of mind to our clients with the help of our team of expert professionals.

We specialize in the maintenance and inspection of electrical systems, both onshore and offshore. Our proficiency lies in testing installations and accurately diagnosing faults, ranging from minor instrument issues to complex technical challenges. Environmental consideration is a key part of our approach. We focus on ensuring the longevity of installations through our high-quality standards.

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Bax ON & OFFSHORE SERVICES specializes in providing exceptional quality technical personnel and services. Our team includes Client Representatives, Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians, and Commissioning Engineers, dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions in both onshore and offshore environments.

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